Primal Vinyl

New York artist LeRoy Stevens interviewed record store owners across the New York City area to collect their favorite recorded rock screams, which he “pressed on 12 inch vinyl in an edition of 500…”according to the New York Times:

These rock screams were once mass produced and distributed on what we used to call records. The medium itself hasn’t changed. Our view of it has.  The new name “vinyl” draws attention to the tangible material as opposed to its function (as a “record” or recording of live sound) and to the physical act of creating it (“pressing”). This limited edition is the aural equivalent of a hand-made book of poetry printed on a letterpress.

It is also, the article goes on to report, “a document of the disappearing culture of record stores — several of the 42 shops that have participated have since closed…”  What more fitting way to preserve a disappearing culture than on the outmoded medium that spawned that culture?


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