Look Both Ways

In honor of January, the month that looks in two directions, my friend and fellow blogger Kitti Carriker just wrote two lovely posts about Obsolescing. While the three (!) blogs that Kitti keeps are literary in focus, her observations, reflections, and especially her attention to small moments and fine details make her very much a kindred spirit. Her description of this blog as “nostalgic, visionary” applies to her own accomplishments as well. Kitti is a keen observer, and her blogs record and honor small moments and fine details that, once noticed and acknowledged, resonate with significance. She is adept at finding connections, weaving patterns — she is a lover of seasons and other cycles, and the ceremonies that mark and celebrate time’s passage.

Kitti’s appraisal inspired me to looking back at my sporadic postings over the last year and a half. What I realize is that the backward glance has dominated, that the elegaic tone has dominated.  Our intent has never been to be focused solely on what’s passing, but to look forward as well, to show the inventive ways in which old technologies are remade, revived, reinterpreted, often by artists and other innovators too young to remember when vinyl records, turntables, Polaroid film, to name just a few examples, were merely utilitarian and banal. In invoking Janus, Kitti has reminded me to look ahead with youthful eyes and celebrate surprising metamorphoses.

For the time being, though, I anticipate postings may continue to be sporadic. for exciting (and forward looking) reasons. My novel, Nelly the Wanderer, is in the final stages of revision, and I am working to meet a spring deadline.

So if you’re looking for a good read in the meantime, check out Kitti Carriker’s literary blogs:

She has given us at Obsolescing– and I hope our readers too — a gift for the still young year. January may end today. But Janus will from here on be our guide as we look both backward and forward.

Thanks Kitti!


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